Interactive educational adventures for children that bring the world's best art collections to life

Artale's mission is simple: to create inspiring digital games for children that bring the traditional delights of storytelling and adventure into the 21st-century art museum. We make educational games that brim with intrigue and magic – where works of art come to life and talk to you; puzzles and riddles challenge you to look closely and ask questions; and virtual objects from works of art help you to solve mysteries...


Artale transforms the classic gallery tour into a dynamic adventure for the digital age – engaging children to explore, look, think and play through rich stories that take their inspiration from works of art in the collections of the world’s greatest museums.




Explore, look, think and play


Interactive illuminated maps help children navigate through the game, with extra information available on each work of art

Codes, riddles and puzzles engage children to solve mysteries and help struggling heroes and heroines from the collection

Images and animations encourage children to observe closely, identifying characters and objects within artworks

Treasure hunt features allow  players to add ‘found’ objects from the museum into their virtual hunting box for use on their quest

Try our first game, The Magic Horn

Has an artwork ever COME TO LIFE and spoken to you? Enter London’s world-renowned Wallace Collection to solve the mystery of the missing Magic Horn! Join the secret Order of the Horn and come on a magical mission to meet The Laughing Cavalier, Madame de Pompadour, the hermit and more in this new two-part interactive game.

Part I – “Where is the Horn?” (approx. 40 mins)

Cornelius, guardian of the spirit world, seeks your help! Someone has stolen the Magic Horn, threatening the safety of Ghostland. Find the Horn with the help of King Louis 15th, the fearsome knights and the vain Mirror Lady.


Part II – “Who can Blow the Horn?” (approx. 30 mins)

You’ve become a Companion-at-Arms in the Order of the Horn! Now for your full knighthood, you must find someone pure of heart who can blow the Horn to restore peace and order to the kingdom.

"It feels like we're secret spies in the museum!"  Johnnie, aged 10 

"Brilliant and brain-challenging!"  Clara, aged 8